Last UPDATED June 17 2024

1978 Malibu TurboCharged- Intercooled



Welcome to my 1978 Malibu web page. I've owned this car since December 1986. After many years of driving it with a V8, I decided to install a 1987 Buick Grand National drivetrain. It produced 245hp and 355lb/ft of torque. With major upgrades, it made 600 rear wheel horsepower and done a best time of 1.49, 6.48 at 108mph in the 8th mile. The stock block was still holding up but it was at it's end of being reliable, in my opinion. My journey going forward into the higher horsepower levels leads me to an aftermarket aluminum block for reliability. Below is the combination I'll be using with the all-new short block. My focus is to have a reliable, mild mannered daily driver that is fairly quick. My goal is mid 9 second quarter mile timeslips.



Here's an older video of the car on the dragstrip.