Last UPDATED August 12th 2023

1978 Malibu TurboCharged- Intercooled


New!!! See the LATEST ENGINE & TRANSMISSION COMBINATON in the process of being built. It's an ALL ALUMINUM TA PERFORMANCE BUICK V6 ENGINE BUILD along with a 4L80e HD Transmission.

Welcome to my personal web page! It's mainly about my 1978 Chevrolet Malibu. I've owned this car since December 1986. In 1997, I installed a stock 3.8L 1987 Buick Grand National drivetrain. In the stock configuration, the engine produced 245hp and 355lb/ft of torque.wWith it's current modifications, it now makes 600 rear wheel horsepower. Browsing through my site, you will see some of the modifications I've done to get more horsepower while attempting to maintain reliability and comfort. You'll see a few special modifications I've done to make it a unique one-of-a-kind car. I try to keep the mods fairly stock appearing without doing irreversable damage like cutting the car up. My focus is to have a reliable, mild mannered daily driver that is fairly quick. My goal is mid 9 second quarter mile timeslips.




Here is what the engine build will consist of...

TA Performance Buick V6 aluminum block with 3.980" bore

Diamond Racing Forged Pistons with a 20cc dish for 10:1 Compression

TA Performance Billet Roller Cam with .570 Int - .570 Ex Lift & 220-222 duration

3.625" Billet Stroker Crank

6.300" Billet Forged Rods

Champion GN1-R Heads with 2.00" Intake Valves & 1.60" Exhaust Valves - 48cc combustion chambers

PT6870 with .96 exhaust AR V-Band housing

GN1 Race Ported Intake with 2 injectors per cylinder

70mm Throttle Body

Gerotor Oil Pump/Timing Cover assembly

ATR Stainless Steel Headers

3.5" Downpipe

TurboSmart Hypergate 45mm C02 using C02 Compressed Gas

HOLLEY Dominator ECU









Other stuff that I fabricated for the engine...

Sequential Dual Fuel System on a Turbo Grand National

Turbo Grand National Fast Start Igrand-national-aerocoupeition System

Turbo Grand National Gerotor Oil Pump Installation


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Other misc links:

Turbo Regal Grand National Full Gauge Cluster Install

1986-1987 Turbo Regal ECM Wiring Diagram (OEM)

1986-1987 Grand National Sequential Dual Fuel System ECM Wiring Diagram