Updated 4-15-2020


1978 Malibu TurboCharged- Intercooled



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Sequential Dual Fuel System

Fast Start Ignition System


Just a little history about the car. I bought the car from the automotive shop I was working at in 1986. A customer brought the car in with an engine knock. I was only 19 years old and absolutely fell in love with the body style. I bought it for $380 and installed a 350 engine in it. The car was originally gold until I painted it yellow in 2004. Through the years, I've had many different engine combinations in the car. These included a mild 350 to a fuel injected 454. None of the previous engine combinations have had the horse power or the fuel mileage of the current drivetrain that's in it now. It's a Turbocharged - Intercooled Buick V6 engine from a 87 Buick Grand National. Modifications allows it to make 600 rear wheel horsepower while averaging 22-26 miles per gallon on the highway. The car is so docile and well mannered, anyone could drive the car with ease. It's not a gutted, light-weight Malibu either. It weighs 3536lbs with driver and still has A/C, cruise control, power windows, power seats and so on. The interior upholstry is from the Monte Carlo SS but I ordered it black. The restoration was done in 2004-2005 so it's old enough to be a little rough around the edges.




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